Information Technology

Our team has a wide range of skills, and it’s everyone’s job to share their knowledge so that all of us can learn and become more valuable to the business.

We want people to create their own path – to try different roles, apply different skills and discover what they do best. We’re always looking for people who are keen to experiment and innovate.

We feel like a family. We pull together to make sure everyone has the support they need. We’re highly business-focused and results-driven, but we’re not hierarchical. Quite the opposite. We encourage everyone to speak, and we listen to everyone’s voice.

Most importantly, we’re here to support the business – not to be an IT organisation that lives in its own little bubble. And by helping people throughout the company, we feel as if we’re at the heart of the business.

Working in Howdens IT team is a career, not a job. We want to attract loyal, enthusiastic and generous people who love working in a close-knit team. That’s what our IT team is like and, as a result, we have extremely low staff turnover and a happy and high-achieving IT team