Fleet & Facilities Management

Our fleet and facilities management department is a special place to work. For one thing, it’s unusual for fleet and facilities to be managed by the same team, but that means there is more variety in people’s tasks and roles than there might be in other companies.

It also means that the team has to be closely knit. We all need to be able to help our colleagues at a moment’s notice, so we tend to hire people who have a generous and open personality.

Also, because the team deals with so many suppliers, we need people with excellent communication skills. No one can simply bury their head in paperwork: we all need to help Howdens build great relationships with the suppliers we rely on.

The department is fully responsible for Howdens’ engagement with insurers, energy brokers and the companies that supply our key facilities. Our aim is to ensure that Howdens has first-class representation and buys the best services and products in all of these essential areas. The team also ensures that the contracts we sign and the products we use comply with industry legislation and regulations.