We believe that digital technology and platforms make our products and services accessible to all, whenever and wherever they need us. We do this by providing the best possible online experience to our customers using insight and a data driven approach which allows them to interact with us on any device from anywhere.

We have three core aims which are to deliver Convenience, Efficiency and to make products easily Accessible.

Convenience: To provide the mechanics and services to allow our customers to manage their information and accounts, whilst making it easier for our colleagues to interact and inform our customers.

Efficiency: To use digital technology to make it easier for our customers and depot teams to deliver world class service, design, help and advice.

Accessibility: To inspire our customers, helping them to discover, access and visualise products, enabled by search and user experience.

Our core functions are; User Experience and Design which make sure that every journey on the website is easily understood by every visitor and presented in an intuitive and visually appealing design. Acquisition & Performance analyse and harness market demand, ensuring that our website is highly visible to customers however they choose to find us including search engines and social media. Trading and Content receive the traffic and make sure that every visitor can find what they need easily through structured content, onsite search and navigation.