Working in the Howdens admin team is not like working at other companies. For one thing, we focus on building strong relationships with all the other Howdens teams. Our aim is to always maintain a sense of service to others – not just within the admin team but with the company as a whole.

We also need excellent communication skills when dealing with customers. It’s vital that our customers trust us and feel they can talk to us if they have a problem. So our ideal candidates are friendly, outgoing people who can demonstrate meticulous attention to detail and a determination to get the job done.

Within Howdens, the admin teams make a major contribution to the efficiency of the business. It’s our role to manage the operational systems and procedures that ensure we’re an efficient, flexible and fast-moving company.

In the depots, our support administrators need to be versatile and cope quickly and professionally with everything from booking hotels and conferences to organising the maintenance and repair of vital equipment.

Meanwhile, our business administrators look after business-critical systems such as invoicing, stock reconciliation, filing, mailing promotional material, reconciling petty cash, as well as data entry and reporting.