Ronnie Palmer

Sales Representative

I became familiar with Howdens when I started driving for a delivery service company contracted by Howdens. I had a great rapport with the local depot manager, and asked if there were any jobs available. I started work in the warehouse at the newly opened Arnold depot in 2007 and this gave me the best opportunity to learn about our products, customers and the Howdens' ethos, which I did for eight years. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I learned so much so quickly, and I was the first point of contact for many of our customers.

Climbing up the ladder

This experience gave me an advantage when I applied for the job of sales rep in 2015. Basically, I knew how to talk to our customers about our product ranges. Also, because I had been promoted from within, our customers knew and trusted me, so I could hit the ground running in my new role. Since then I have trained another member of staff. It was really rewarding to pass on my product knowledge and skills, and to convey the importance of our relationship with builders and tradespeople.

Like a sales ambassador

In my role as sales rep, I go out into the local community to sell Howdens’ products and services. We don’t rely on builders walking through our door, so part of my job is to go out on the road and find new customers, tell them about Howdens and explain how we can be an effective business partner to them.

Great communication skills are essential. I have to use my initiative to build new relationships, secure potential leads and open new accounts for the depot. As well as working independently, I also enjoy being part of a team, all working closely together to ensure our customers receive great service.